Author of The Patient's Playbook: How to Save Your Life and the Lives of Those You Love, Leslie Michelson has spent more than three decades helping people get the best medical care possible. He has made it his mission to change the national dialogue and to teach everyone to become more effective health care consumers—to improve our flawed medical system from the ground up. Michelson has been a keynote speaker at more than 100 conferences and special events.

Michelson’s presentations address the daunting and dysfunctional health care system that we are all forced to navigate. Providing clients with new tools and resources to get the best medical care conveys the message that you are an advocate for their overall well-being. What Michelson has to share is game-changing and it will help your clients to protect their most important asset of all—their health.

Speaking Topics

The Biomedical Revolution and its Profound Impact on Our Health and Our Wealth

There is no sector of our economy that is more important or changing more rapidly than health care. Leslie Michelson has spent more than three decades expertly navigating this flawed and challenging landscape for thousands of individuals and companies. In this speech, Michelson describes some of the unprecedented changes underway in biomedical research, such as human genome sequencing, and delivers practical advice on how to get the best care in this fast-changing environment. When addressing wealth management firms, Michelson demonstrates how these innovations will result in people living longer, requiring them to spend more on health care than they anticipate, and what wealth managers can do to ensure their clients are financially equipped for these changes. 

Finding the No-Mistake Zone:
Lessons from The Patient's Playbook

In this speech, based on the lessons from his best-selling book, The Patient’s Playbook, Michelson shares life-saving strategies and decision-making tools that will help patients become savvy health care consumers, partnering with their physicians to ensure expectations, goals, and values are being met to achieve the best outcomes. Participants learn how to find the right doctors, choose the best treatment protocols, and utilize proven research to make the best decisions for themselves and their loved ones. A terrific tool and service for any company that wants to reduce health care costs for their employees and themselves, Michelson's lecture will change the way people think about medicine and their health.


Praise For Leslie's Presentations

Leslie Michelson is a true visionary in longevity and an expert in the future of healthcare and consumer medicine. Leslie mesmerized our audience recently with his innovative talk, leaving people feeling empowered and ready to start a new chapter in their life. He is also a powerful speaker who engages his audience with an inspiring message.
— Philip Schaefer, President, World Pension Forum
Leslie Michelson is an extraordinary speaker. I was fortunate to have him give the keynote address at my firm’s annual meeting of our investors, and he was extremely well received. His command of and passion for helping people get the best health care possible is remarkable, and his ability to connect with the audience on both a personal and professional level is outstanding. I was pleased to see the audience taking notes as Leslie shared very practical advice and highly actionable tips. He received very positive reviews from my investors, several of whom asked for his contact information in the weeks following the talk. I would highly recommend booking Leslie.
— Richard R. Crowell, Managing Partner, Vance Street Capital
Leslie Michelson is exceptionally knowledgeable, informative and approachable when it comes to the world of consumer medicine and the future of health care. His message is compelling and essential for those who want to live in good health. Our clients leave Leslie’s events with news they can put to use immediately. My company has booked him multiple times and we always receive wonderful feedback from our clients.
— Larry Roth, CEO, Cetera Financial Group
For a couple of decades, I have had the utmost respect for Leslie Michelson and the incredible work that he does. I have heard him speak in several different forums, and he is as comfortable and commanding in small groups as he is working a room of thousands. Leslie really knows how to connect data, personal interest stories, and practical advice with ease. After every speaking occasion, I am in awe all over again. I love to listen to the comments of participants on their way out… everyone talks about what a powerful and dynamic speaker he is! It will definitely be a life changing experience for those who attend, and loved ones they will help.
— Alan Alpert, President, The Alpert Group

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