#4. Ask Leslie

Go Ahead, Ask Him

Go Ahead, Ask Him

Show Notes

In this episode, Leslie answers listener questions:

• Carol feels like a number every time she sees her doctor: how can she get him to slow down and pay more attention to her? Leslie talks about how to get your doctor’s attention and ways to maximize your time together.

• Mike asks, “An orthopedic specialist I want to see is always booked three months in advance. What can I do?” Leslie’s gives a few tricks of the trade on how to get special attention and get in quicker to see a physician.

• Robert’s 15-year-old daughter is traveling to Chile to study. They're not too worried about Zika, but they want to know the best ways to prepare for travel abroad, so that if she does get sick, she won’t be scrambling for good care. Leslie gives tips on what to bring when you're traveling abroad, how to handle an illness, and how to coordinate with your doctor at home.

• A young reader of The Patient's Playbook asks, "What can I do to stay as healthy as I am now?" Leslie provides the 3 steps you can take to be healthy and ready for anything.

Leslie’s Bottom Line

One day, maybe today or maybe 10 years from now, you or someone you love is going to face a serious medical problem. You’re going to have to choose a surgeon, or an oncologist, or maybe even agree to an emergency procedure. So Right NOW—I want you to start thinking about health care the same way you think about every other major decision. That means: Do your homework, Get expert opinions, and Collect your medical records. You want to be able to understand your problem, and all your choices, so you can select the physicians and treatments that are best for you.

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