#5. How to Save Money During Open Enrollment

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It's the one period during the year when you can make changes to your existing health-insurance coverage, yet most of us say to ourselves, "Why do I even have to deal with open enrollment? Why can't I do exactly what I did last year?"

Well, what if we told you that you could potentially save hundreds of dollars from the tips in this episode? 

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Leslie and Lisa are joined today by Karen Frost, the Senior Vice President of Health Strategy & Solutions at Aon Hewitt. Karen is always looking at what's coming up next in healthcare, and she has some great tips and advice that can help you and your family get the most out of the open-enrollment period—and even save money!

Leslie's Bottom Line

  1. Don’t pass, you need to participate;
  2. Don’t buy on price alone;
  3. Evaluate the wellness incentives, health savings accounts, and flexible spending accounts;
  4. Consider the offerings of both spouses' plans, because you might want to mix the family on both plans;
  5. Be sure to look at the networks to see if your physicians and preferred hospitals are in network or not.


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