#8. How to Find the ONE

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Do you take this doctor to be your primary care physician, in sickness and in health?

Do you take this doctor to be your primary care physician, in sickness and in health?

How's your current relationship with your primary care physician? Is she or he someone with whom you've developed a deep bond of trust? Is he a good listener? And is she watching after your health and getting you in for regular check-ups?

In episode 3, we brought you the story of Amanda, whose doctor's odd behavior finally reached a tipping point and she decided to end the relationship. This week, Leslie outlines 3 easy steps for finding the best primary care physician for you. In less than 15 minutes, you'll have the tips and tools you need to find The ONE! Be sure to check out more helpful resources below.

More Resources

Click here for a list of Questions to Ask Potential Primary Care Physicians

3 Ways to Vet the Doctors on Your Wish List:

  • Cross-reference your health insurance network to make sure your preferred physicians are in-network. Confirm with the doctor's office. 
  • Check the State Medical Licensing Boards to make sure they're currently licensed to practice in your state and have no formal sanctions against them.
  • Go to American Board of Medical Specialties to make sure they're board certified.

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The 3 Steps in Brief

  1. Make a wish list of what's important to you in a primary care physician.
  2. Get physician recommendations from people you trust, including your current physicians.
  3. Make appointments to meet with the physicians at the top of your list, so you can ask questions, get a sense of their philosophy, and learn how their office runs. Most importantly, you want to see if there's interpersonal chemistry, which is the hallmark of a properly functioning primary care relationship. (Remember to tell the doctor's front-office staff that this is just a meet-and-greet, to see if there's chemistry, not an annual exam visit!)

The 5 Important Traits to Look for in a Primary Care Physician

  1. Someone with whom you have a deep feeling of trust and respect—you can tell this person your most personal  information. 
  2. Their practice is well-organized, so that you are seen in a timely fashion and for as long as it takes, which might mean seeing a nurse practitioner or physician's assistant at times.
  3. They can direct you to the appropriate specialists and make sure you are seen as soon as necessary. 
  4. They understand the importance of coordinating with specialists so that there are no errors in your care. 
  5. They are committed to helping you meet your wellness goals and objectives.

Leslie's Bottom Line

Your relationship with your primary care physician is one of the most important you’ll ever have. I find that most of them went into primary care because they wanted to develop strong emotional bonds with their patients and guide them through health challenges. If you follow my 3 steps to finding the right doctor, you’re going to discover an excellent physician—someone you can trust to be a lifelong partner in your health goals. Which is exactly what you deserve.


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