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A New Tool for Dentists Promises No More Drills (Or Tears!)


"Being able to paint it on in 30 seconds with no noise, no drilling, is better, faster, cheaper. I would encourage parents to ask for it."

—The FDA has approved a brush-on liquid that stops tooth decay painlessly. (New York Times)

Bottom Line: Studies show that silver diamine fluoride, or SDF, can halt the prevention of cavities and prevent them. While SDF has been used in Japan for decades, it has only been available in the U.S., under the brand name Advantage Arrest, for about a year. Adults may not like the fact that SDF leaves a black mark on the tooth. But for baby teeth that are going to fall out anyway, the treatment can be a tear-saver for children (and their parents).

Vacation's Hidden Benefits:
Better Health, Better Work

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"The burden of stress has negative effects on health, including an increase in heart disease, liver disease and gastrointestinal problems."

—The majority of Americans say they are stressed at work and they don't take vacations. (NPR)

Bottom Line: Some people skip vacations because they don't want to get behind at work. Others are unable to
destress during time off because they refuse to unplug. But vacation is vital to your well-being. When you disengage from your daily work routine, you ultimately increase your productivity, decrease stress, and protect your most important asset: Your Health.

How to Support
a Friend with Cancer

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There's a lot of advice out there. Here are 4 of our favorite resources: