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7 Sunscreen Myths That Drive Dermatologists Crazy


“Myth: Makeup With SPF Offers Adequate Sun Protection”

—Common misconceptions about sunscreen can be deadly. (Everyday Health)

Bottom Line: A recent study found that women who had at least five sunburns between ages 15 and 20 had an 80% increased risk of melanoma. No matter your age, learning more about these common myths will better protect you and your loved ones from harmful sun exposure.  

The Latest On Zika for hopeful
moms and dads

“If you're thinking about becoming pregnant then we recommend that you wait two months if you haven't been sick, and six months if you have been sick.”

— Currently, 38 pregnant women in Florida are being monitored for Zika;
experts say the long-term effects on infected babies are still unknown. (CBS News)

Bottom Line:  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends women who are pregnant to avoid travel to areas where Zika is active. However, if you're pregnant and traveling to these ares, it's imperative to take preventative measures, such as using the best bug sprays for preventing mosquito bites.

Sorry, Kids:
Flu Shots Work Better Than Nose Spray


“The nasal vaccine… offered virtually no protection at all. By contrast, the injected vaccine… is about 63% effective.

—Experts now say the nasal flu vaccine spray is ineffective. (New York Times)

Bottom Line: The CDC announced last week that the nasal flu vaccine—a favorite for needle-phobic kids—is no longer recommended for the flu season. It’s no less safe than it was before, but new evidence calls into question how effective it is.