The Patient's Playbook on PBS

If one day, you need to help a loved one make difficult medical decisions, will you know what to do? It's difficult to decide on a doctor, make a choice about surgery or be prepared during a medical emergency. 

At The Patient’s Playbook, our mission is to help everyone get the best medical care possible. 

As part of that mission, I’m so honored to be hosting a special PBS program that launches Saturday, March 5, in Los Angeles, DC, Atlanta, Miami, and other major cities as part of the PBS Pledge Drive campaign. 

This special program reveals insider tips and lessons I’ve used for more than 30 years to help everyone take control of their medical care, so they can get the right treatments, from the right doctors, at the right time.

I'm glad that I am able to share the tips and tricks I've learned over the years so that you too can get the best medical care possible.

You can watch on PBS beginning Saturday, March 5. Airings for some major cities are listed below. Check your local station for more.

Select Airings:

  • 3/5 KOCE PBS SoCal Los Angeles – 6 pm PT 
  • 3/5 WFPT Washington – 10 am ET
  • 3/5  WPBT Miami – 4 pm ET 
  • 3/6 WCTE Nashville – 11:30 am CT 
  • 3/6 WCVN-DT2 Cincinatti – 8:30 am ET
  • 3/6 WXEL West Palm – 1 pm ET

To support PBS and receive a special Patient's Playbook gift, click here and sign up as a PBS member, or just call 1-800-278-5050 and mention The Patient’s Playbook to pledge today.