Q&A: 5 Tips For Better Medical Care

800-CEO-READ’s general manager Sally Haldorson understands the importance of being proactive when managing your and your loved ones' healthcare, as she comes to it personally. Here are a few of the key take-aways from Sally and Leslie's recent interview:

  1. The first step in receiving the best medical care is becoming an engaged healthcare consumer. In nearly every other facet of our economy, we act as effective consumers and play a major role in the quality of products and services we're provided. Ensuring the quality of the health care you receive is as important as ensuring that your children get the best education or that you get the most value when purchasing a new car.
  2. Establish a relationship with the nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners — all who have high levels of clinical training — because they are a very important part of the medical team that provides you top care. 
  3. Two important ways to help prevent missed or delayed diagnoses are... (1) listen to your body and trust when something seems to be significantly wrong; and (2) have a strong relationship with a primary care physician, so that that doctor has the benefit of observing changes in your physical health and well-being.
  4. Obtain your medical records. In order for professionals to provide their clients the level of excellence that they all aspire for, they need to have comprehensive information about the relevant history. Doctors are no exception! 
  5. A healthcare quarterback is essential. When people are ill is often when they feel least capable. It's so important to have somebody who's going to be your advocate and help get you through the issues you need to confront in order to get well again.

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