Tips from The Patient's Playbook for Canadian Readers

On Monday, Sept 21 and Tuesday, Sept 22, Leslie will be visiting the hosts of CBC Radio programs across Canada, to discuss ways that you can apply the principles of The Patient's Playbook to your medical care.

The tour schedule, which is subject to change, includes chats with: 


Monday, Sept 21, from 10am to 12:30 pm

• Cape Breton (Sydney): Information Morning with Steve Sutherland & David Burke

• Ottawa: Ottawa Morning with Robyn Bresnahan

• Ontario: Ontario Morning with Wei Chen

• CBC Kitchener-Waterloo

• Thunder Bay: Superior Morning with Lisa Laco

• Kelowna: Daybreak South with Chris Walker

• Calgary: The Eyeopener with David Gray & Angela Knight

• Regina: The Morning Edition with Sheila Coles

• Victoria: On The Island with Gregor Craigie


Tuesday, Sept 22, from 10am to 1 pm

• Gander: Central Morning Show

• Corner Brook: CBC Corner Brook

• Winnipeg: Information Radio with Marcy Markusa

• Moncton: Information Morning Moncton with Jonna Brewer & Vanessa Blanch

• Sudbury: Morning North with Markus Schwabe

• Kamloops: Daybreak Kamloops with Shelley Joyce

• Calgary: The Eyeopener with David Gray & Angela Knight

• Vancouver: The Early Edition with Rick Cluff

• Saskatoon: Saskatoon Morning with Leisha Grebinski and Matt Kruchak

• Whitehorse: A New Day with Sandi Coleman