Before an Emergency: Take Inventory

Download: We created an Emergency Information Card just for you!

In an emergency situation, one of the first things a response team will do in the case of an unconscious patient is to check his or her wallet or purse. By creating an emergency information card for yourself and for your family members, you're ensuring that these documents can speak for you one day if you or your loved ones can not.

In my family, we keep paper copies of this inventory at home and the office, and a digital copy on card-sized USB drives that we keep in our wallets. You can use the Emergency Information Card we made just for you! Or if you prefer to create your own card, be sure to include your most urgent health information and contact details and attach it to the back of your driver's license or ID.

Having this crucial information with you will give you peace of mind — and may even become a lifesaver one day.


See The Patient’s Playbook, “Chapter Seven: Emergency Room 101” for more tips on how to get the best care possible in an emergency situation.