CBS Video: How to Find the No-Mistake Zone in Medicine

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According to the Institute of Medicine, 1 in 10 deaths can be attributed to diagnostic error. Even worse? Preventable medical errors contribute to 400,000 deaths a year.

But you can effectively advocate for yourself and your loved ones by following the 6 Steps of the No-Mistake Zone from The Patient's Playbook

Leslie recently went on Plugged in to DFW, a CBS talk show in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, to talk with host Russ McCaskey about diagnostic error, overtreatment, and other critical issues patients must grapple with. Watch and learn how you can better partner with your physicians, so that you're both aiming for the No-Mistake Zone.

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This is part 3 in a 3-part series of tips that aired on Plugged in to DFW.