Q&A: For the Best Health Care, Be Assertive and Involved



If you move or require a new primary care physician because of your insurance, do you know what to look for? 

In a Q&A in Toronto Star with reporter Nancy J. White, Leslie shares tips on what to look for in a primary care physician, how to get to the "No-Mistake Zone" after receiving a diagnosis, and more. Leslie says, when it comes to finding an internist, you should seek a physician who will be your partner in lifelong health: 

"You want someone who listens and respects you, and someone you will listen to. It should be someone whom you can get in to see when you need to. It should be someone who supports your wellness goals and will help you focus on the issues when you lose focus." 

For more tips on how to be actively involved in your health care, head over to Toronto Star for the rest of the interview.