Simple Steps to Becoming Your Own Best Medical Advocate

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Bonnie Berman, co-host of Southern Florida's Topical Currents radio show, checked in with Leslie this week to learn tips and tricks from The Patient's Playbook, including:

  • How to find a good primary care physician
  • What you can do to be prepared for a future illness
  • Ways to research your diagnosis with the help of free online tools

Listeners also had a chance to call in and ask questions about blood tests, alternative treatments for cancer, what to do when your doctor abandons you, and more.

From WLRN: Joseph Cooper and Bonnie Berman share the microphone with a wide range of guests including community leaders, artists, scientists, historians, political thinkers and more who bring issues of interest to South Floridians. Richard Ives is the senior producer, and Bonnie Berman joined Topical Currents as co-host and associate producer in September 2012. Paul Leary is the technical director and online producer.